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Crypto Weekly Update #1 - 23/02/2021

Here begins a new series on this website, my personal crypto portfolio weekly updates. But first, we must establish the portfolio itself and the history of it. For that, we travel back in time to 2017...

2017 was the first time I had ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and I didn't fully realise the potential of it until late 2020 embarrassingly. I only invested in Bitcoin, Litecoin and a tiny amount of Ethereum, in a ratio of 40:50:10.

As the bull-run died down in January 2018, so did my interest in crypto. I was down ~60% on my original investment, and so I classed it as lost/dead money. I made several mistakes, but also learnt a lot. My risk tolerance vastly increased despite the pain of "losing" money, and I became accustomed to large corrections.

Jump forward to October 2020. After seeing Bitcoin survive the March crash and recover, my interest once again peaked in crypto. This time was different though. Importantly, I did my research. I looked into projects worth their salt and with potential for the long term.

In late November 2020, I decided to part with some more fiat (cash) in order to dip my toes yet again in crypto.

My initial portfolio:

Bitcoin - 26.07%

Cardano - 6.19%

Chainlink - 4.03%

Ethereum - 33.89%

Litecoin - 16.64%

LTO Network - 1.75%

Monero - 4.03%

Stellar Lumens - 3.50%

Tezos - 3.90%

Since then, I have sold my Tezos for a small profit and diverted those funds into more Litecoin.

My current portfolio based on investment only:

Bitcoin - 24.25%

Cardano - 5.75%

Chainlink - 3.75%

Ethereum - 34.03%

Litecoin - 23.58%

LTO Network - 1.63%

Monero - 3.75%

Stellar Lumens - 3.25%

However, with the recent bull-run, the portfolio has altered in allocation, with some coins performing better than others.

Overall based on investment and growth:

Bitcoin - 21.22%

Cardano - 16.80%

Chainlink - 3.82%

Ethereum - 33.33%

Litecoin - 15.45%

LTO Network - 1.27%

Monero - 2.70%

Stellar Lumens - 5.41%

Growth of each Coin at the time of publishing:

Bitcoin - 94.79%

Cardano - 552.10%

Chainlink - 126.17%

Ethereum - 118.13%

Litecoin - 45.94%

LTO Network - 74.21%

Monero - 60.74%

Stellar Lumens - 270.05%

Top Performing Coins:

  1. Cardano (ADA)

  2. Stellar Lumens (XLM)

  3. Chainlink (LINK)

Worst Performing Coins:

  1. Litecoin (LTC)

  2. Monero (XMR)

  3. LTO Network (LTO)

Looking forwards, alongside these weekly reviews I'll be uploading articles on each coin I hold and why!

There will also be an upcoming article on the Ce-Fi platform Nexo where I hold some of my crypto to earn interest on it.

Hope all of that was useful, leave a comment if I missed anything out and make sure to share the website with friends and family!

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