• Jagraj Singh

Crypto Weekly Update #4 - 17/03/2021


The past week has been very topsy-turvy again for the crypto market. Upon the news of the US announcing a $1.9 trillion stimulus package for citizens, Bitcoin did manage to hit new all-time highs at $61k! As is the case with BTC though, it didn't last long and the price eventually dropped back to ~$57k.

Yesterday the MWEB code was also released for Litecoin. This new code will finally bring privacy features to LTC, the only coin in the Top 10 with this feature. I am hoping that this feature, alongside PayPal launching their crypto merchant payments, will result in some tasty price action for LTC! As for the PayPal payments, there is still no word from them as of yet.


The portfolio this week did well during the initial pump, but has since settled back down to around where it was before. NEXO seems to lifting off though which is very exciting, going from £1.70 to a peak price of £1.98 last night!

Weekly Change: +1.37%

Monthly Change: +8.71%

All Time Change: +143.05%


Away from the projects mentioned in recent weeks, I'm actively looking at Terra (LUNA) these days. It seems to be a solid project with good tokenomics!

DOT, ATOM, LUNA, AAVE, SNX, MKR, ENJ and INJ are the projects I'm looking into currently.

In the mean-time, I'm slowly but surely maximising the returns on Nexo, with most assets on there locked in on the fixed term deposits. In a few weeks, the month's interest will be converted into BTC or ETH.

HODL For Life.

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